Active Passive Cycle Xiangyu XY-ZBD-IIID

Smart joint rehabilitation activities is mainly used to train joint disorders joint mobility, according to the characteristics of the body at different joints designed wrist, shoulder and elbow, knee-ankle-hip and other training devices, with active passive Two Training modes for different patients with muscle strength training, improve blood circulation around the joints of patients and enhance their strength, restore joint mobility in patients

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Case storage, and convenient for the patient’s condition before and after the recording.
Automatic rehabilitation machine with a wheelchair or the seat can be convenient and secure docking;
Automatic rehabilitation machine has a length and a height adjustment mechanism, to meet different leg length and height requirements.


  • It can be operated with a single key.
  • LCD screen display window.
  • Two legs can take balanced exercise at the same time.
  • The size of power and speed is controlled by microcomputer.
  • The training time can be set at wilt 5min-60min.
  • It is equipped with silent motor to ensure more stable running and fewer noise.
  • It has quantization function, reporting training data and making a contrast between them.
  • It can measure the patient’s muscle tensile force in assistant exercise.
  • It can do active and passive training.