Acupressure Mat Arogya Sams International

ACUPRESSURE RELIEF MAT has acupressure magnets pyramids which helps in pain relief and provides total health care. Standing on Acupressure Mat helps to put pressure on correct vital points, which stimulates energy flow and removes blockage, unlocking tension and restoring total health. Acupressure Relief Mat has inbuilt, high power 20 bio magnets. Magnets improve the metabolic activity of each cell, which enrich the oxygen level and blood circulation.

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  • New Computerized Design
  • Energy Ball
  • Pyramid Yantra Orbit
  • Perfect & Durable
  • 20 Bio Magnets
  • Relief mat is made from tough, long lasting, virgin material.
  • No iron screws or nails used.
  • Ideal for all genders, old age, students and sports people.


  • Helps in charging the specific and individual tendor points.
  • The height of each pyramid is perfectly adjusted to match and charge the foot curve, which is related to gastric problem, acidity and constipation as well as lower back problem.
  • It is also valuable in treatment of migraine, sinus, tonsils, depression and allergy.
  • It also improves immunity and balances hormones.
  • Relief Mat can be valuable in treatment of leg pain, cramps, heel and knee pain, as well as reproductive organ disorders.
  • Magnets improve the activity of each cell, which enrich the oxygen level and blood circulation.


  • Brand: Arogya
  • Model: Arg 742
  • In The Box: 1 Pc Acupressure Relief Mat

Instructions of use

  • Stand On Relief Mat
  • Start Spot Walking On It By Lifting Your Feet One By One Slowly
  • Use Daily in the Morning for a Whole Day Tone Up
  • For Relaxation And Pain Control Relief Mat Can Be Used At Any Time
  • Duration about 3 to 5 Minutes Twice A Day
  • For Tender Skin, A Thin Cloth Can Be Placed Between Feet And The Mat
  • It Is Good Morning Exercise And Relaxation.