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The Blease Sirius from Spacelabs Healthcare sets new standards for performance, stability, consistency and reliability in ventilation and anesthesia delivery. It is designed in such a way that it meets the everyday challenges successfully arising from the complexity and diversity of patients, and also pressures from resource and budget restriction. Enhanced Flow Meter Visualization keeps track of fresh gas flow to patients, individual gas data ready for export, conventional flow control, and placing of information. The dedicated display is placed where traditional flow tubes are found, capturing the fresh gas flow to patients. This data is at once ready for export to an electronic medical record or a patient monitoring system. Individuals can easily keep hold of current “touch & feel”, they are familiar with while keeping track of conventional flow control for electronic measurement of gas.


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Applications specific to the operating room have been combined in a preoperative software package for SL monitors. Its Start/End Case features were designed to improve efficiency at the busy moments when a procedure is getting under way and at its conclusion.
The Start Case feature enables alarms and initializes operational and alarm settings. It allows you to purge previous patient data, initiates BISx monitoring, and starts gas sampling in the SL Multigas Analyzer. It documents the time the case was started in tabular trends.
The End Case feature enables you to quickly silence all audible alarms while still visually monitoring the patient, so you don’t have to disable individual parameter alarms or listen to nuisance alarms as the patient is being transferred. If NIBP is being used, it stops the measurement, stops the pump, and deflates the cuff. It also documents the end of the case.
The Blease Sirius sets new standards for reliability, consistency, stability and performance in anesthesia delivery and ventilation. Blease Sirius was designed to help meet the daily challenges arising from the diversity and complexity of your patient population, as well as pressures from budget and resource restrictions.
Introducing Enhanced Flow Meter Visualization
Instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient
Traditional flow control and positioning of information
Individual gas data available for export

Identifying key information quickly and easily is critical to your practice. The dedicated display is positioned where you would find traditional flow tubes, allowing you to instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient. This data is immediately available for export to a patient monitoring system or electronic medical record. With traditional flow control for the Electronic Gas Flow Measurements, you also retain the current “touch & feel” you are accustomed to. Click here to learn more about the Blease Sirius Electronic Flow Meter option.
Spacelab’s Anesthesia Systems, including the Blease Sirius, incorporate the latest technology to offer you unparalleled performance in ventilation and vaporization:
Simplicity: Easy to use, easy to move.
Choice: Adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures.
Patient Centered Ventilation: Precision in an anesthesia ventilator, from conventional ventilation to advanced modes, including our newest mode SIMV-PC.
Proximal Flow Sensing: Measuring flow and pressure at the patient’s airway provides substantial advantages as compared to measuring these parameters inside the anesthesia machine. Spacelabs Healthcare pioneered the use of a proximal sensor for the monitoring and control of the anesthesia ventilator. Click here to learn more about its clinical advantages.
Reduced Cost of Ownership: Blease Datum vaporizers are free of routine maintenance requirements and are backed by a 10-year warranty (5-year warranty for Halothane).
Patient Monitoring Solutions: Spacelabs Healthcare offers comprehensive perioperative monitoring solutions, including a wide choice of vital signs monitors.