Biofeedback Instrument Neurotrac Myoplus2

Portable Desk Top device. Combined single channel EMG/ Muscle Stimulation. Supplied with a desk top stand.
EMG + Stimulation mode {Passive + Active}, EMG Triggered Stimulation, Muscle Stimulation and EMG Modes.
Designed to be used for a wide range of Physiotherapy, Sports and Rehabilitation applications including Continence and Stroke treatment.
Custom programs enabling up to 5 phases to be set up in one program.
Optional Multilingual PC Database Software
Used as a learning tool with emphasis on improving treatment protocols using EMG and Neuromuscular Stimulation.
Locks programmes and records Patient Home Compliance on a daily basis.
Portable, light and user friendly.

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Neurotrac MyoPlus2 is a step up from it”s predecessor; the NeuroTrac ETS.  A great deal of thought has been given to the design and functionality of this unit.  It offers improved speaker and sound quality, a backlit LCD screen and, most of all, better functionality and more programs to help improve the users quality of life.

The NeuroTrac Myo Plus2 is a dual channel EMG machine combined with 2 channels of neuromuscular stimulation.  It is a very versatile device, that can be configured as either a dual or a single channel EMG, ETS (EMG Triggered Stimulator) with 2 EMG and 2 Stimulation channels. It can also work as a neuromuscular stimulator only – on 2 channels with mA control. Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS/STIM) utilises the mechanisms between nerves and muscles to stimulate the neuromuscular system using controlled electrical signals. Neurotrac MyoPlus2 has 3 built in preset clinical modes for Continence, Sports and Rehab.
The Electromyography (EMG) function can assist the therapist in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions. Equally, it will enable the patient to monitor their progress with an accurate audio and visual biofeedback.

Dual channel EMG (Biofeedback) combined with NMS-STIM (Neuromuscular Stimulation) & ETS (EMG Triggered Stimulation).
Passive and Active phases: EMG and NMS in one programme.
Manual and Automatic threshold control.
EMG Biofeedback between stimulation (muscle activity and tiredness indication when using muscle stimulation).
Stand alone device or used in conjunction with established multilingual software (sold separately).
Pre-set neuromuscular Stimulation modes for: Continence, Sports, Rehab.
Custom programmes enabling up to 5 phases (any of: STIM W/R-MODCONT- ALT, EMG, ETS) to be set up in each programme.
Multilingual LCD screen and voice prompts for Biofeedback.
For home users: Produces and prints (with the optional PC Software) the comprehensive patient progress reports on a day to day basis providing average readings (2 channels) on work/rest, peak, onset and muscle release times, work and rest deviations and the average mA current.
Used as a learning tool for both patient and clinician with emphasis on improving treatment techniques in the use of EMG and Neuromuscular stimulation.
Multilingual LCD screen prompts.
4 x AA batteries allowing for complete portability.