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Cryotherapy Unit Neomed Crais

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CRAIS, a cryotherapy equipment, is the most effective and practical cooling device for

soothing, anesthetizing skin during dermatological laser treatments.

It is also widely used in physiotherapy field for relieving pains by applying to swellings,


By using ambient air and cooling it as low temperature as -30℃, CRAIS is economical

without any consumables and has a better analgesic effect then other cooling methods such as ice
pack or contact cooling.

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This is the applied medical apparatus which heals the disease of the muscles and the joints with clean low temperature air exempt from the humidity and dust through the specially designed thermal exchanger using circumstantial air. Cryotherapy is already available in advanced countries and domestically is acknowledged products having high recovery effect in clinical demonstration after co-research with Rehabilitation Technical Research Center as the Health Medical Technology Research Project arranged by the Health Welfare Department.

Introduction :

Adopting R-404A, Considering environment and the human body, is highly effective to release the pain and It is the products to solve the limitation of the ice pack and the harmfulness of nitrogen cooling therapy and release the pain with the -300cold air.


Operating by an artificial intelligence MICOM The operational mode of the machine will be displayed on the panel as figures, characters and numeric lamps to allow you to be well informed of its operational status for easy control.

Specially designed heat exchanger

The special heat exchanger will maximize the efficiency of heat transfer, while maintaining the evaporating temperature of —250 0-30 and the defrosting effect simultaneously.

Heat exchanger specially adopt Copper coated Aluminium fin: Sterilization function of copper itself keeps bacterial reproduction in the heat exchanger

Under control, which always maintains optimal condition in it.

The machine will begin to work within 10 minutes after the power source is supplied.

A manual defrosting function has been added up.

A centrifugal fan with a built-in motor has been attached the condenser for compactness and high blowing capacity.

Diverse cold air discharging nozzles can be applied to the painful parts.

The revolving wheel will help you move the machine or changer its operational direction easily.

Technical Specification:

Model: CRAis

Power Input 0.79 — 1.1kW

Size L504 11W546 0111091

Noise occurrence rate 55 — 64dB

Treatment Temperature -330C Max

Length of tube 170cm

Weight 65kg

Dehumidification ratio 98%

Air volume 170 — 5001/min