Dental Laser Diowave 10 Watt Laser System

The Diowave 10 Watt Laser System is the newest Class IV laser available in the medical marketplace today. Offering maximum adjustable power output up to 10 watts, they provide an un-matched versatility in treatment options for a broad number of patients. Featuring a built in handle, the laser weighing in at 8lbs. can be easily moved from one treatment area to another.

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Interactive 8” Touch Screen with Pre-set Protocols

Laser therapy treatments are administered through a built-in database of treatment protocols accessible through the 8” colour touch-panel LCD display. Organized by anatomy, condition, and chronicity, the interactive menu display ensures ease of use for both the physician and staff. User-Defined Protocols are also available for those who want to create and save their own protocols.

Laser Modules

Backed by a 3 Year Warranty, the high quality laser diodes are incorporated into each laser ensuring years of reliable operation and performance. These diodes are self-calibrating resulting in the savings from not having to calibrate the laser annually.

Optimal Wavelengths

Our diodes offer the optimal wavelength of 980nm for maximum bio-stimulation (810nm wavelength is also available), with choice of modes from continuous wave (CW); single pulse and pulsed modes (frequencies).

Hand-piece with Finger Switch

A specially designed hand –piece with custom features is provided for effective treatments for pain relief, reduction of inflammation and tissue healing. Turning the laser treatment beam off and on is quick and easy with the built in finger switch. New ZOOM Hand-piece with adjustable features is available separately. An optional foot pedal is also available.

Upgrades for Future Updates

The ability to upgrade your laser for future software updates are available through the built in USB port and advanced operating software platform. This feature protects your laser from becoming obsolete, and maintains its role as a treatment partner.

Technical Specifications

Model                      Diowave 10W

Item Number           D10

Laser Type              GaAlAs Diode Laser

Wavelength, Laser  980nm, 810nm also available

Maximum Power    10watts

Operation Modes    Continuous Wave (CW), Pulsing (Frequency) Single or Repeat Variable Pulse

Pulse Duration        10μs-3s

Repetition Rate       0.2Hz-20KHz

Fiber Sizes               400 microns, 200 and 600 microns also available

Fiber Connector     Standard S MA905

Aiming Beam          Red Diode Laser, Wavelength: 635nm, Power: 1-3mW

Control Mode         Touch Screen, 8″ True Colour

On / Off                   Keyless, Micro Touch Key

Voltage                   110/220 VAC, 5A, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions              8.5” (W) X 9.6” (L) X 122” (H)

Weight                    8 lbs.

Features                  Programmable Presets, Customizable Parameters

Accessories              Heavy Duty Carrying Case (included), Safety Goggles (2 pair included), Hand piece – Therapy (included), Portable Cart (available separately)