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Digital Balance & Stability System Sportkat Sportkat-4000

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A kinaesthetic ability trainer with manually adjusted stability with electronic pump system. Includes a touch screen computer stand, and base with safety rails. This device radically improves muscle and mental agility while adding stimulating 3-D games to exercise. While working out, you’re the human joystick-propelled into an interactive virtual world where balance, reaction time, momentum and speed drive your fitnexx routine.

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The Sport Kat 4000 is the most advanced balance assessment and training equipment available. The SportKat software includes provisions for both static and dynamic balance training and assessment through the availability of diversified types of tests, test patterns and difficulty levels. Users may use the built-in training modes with a great deal of ease and flexibility. In addition, the system enables the user (or doctor, trainer, etc.) to design unique, individual training protocols to overcome specific deficits identified during the  assessment phase. Designed for multiple applications within the medical and athletic environments, the Sport Kat 4000 features:

  • 19˝ Monitor • Wireless Mouse & keyboard • Printer (Ability to Generate Printed Reports)
  • Handrails for additional safet
  • Larger Base for increased stability
  • Microprocessor-based Pump Control which allows for automated inflation and deflation

of the pressure bladder to quickly and easily adjust the pressure based on the user’s

weight and level of difficulty

  • Computer Assisted Data System featuring the SPORTKAT WIN software
  • Thermal Accelerometer
  • Provisions for Both Static and Dynamic Balance Assessment
  • Multiple Built-in Training Programs
  • Diversified Difficulty Levels for Testing and Training
  • Automatically Stored Test Data for each user by date, time and type of test, allowing for

progress analysis

  • Tracking Software capable of maintaining data for multiple users, including personal data,

medical data and a test editor

  • Ability to Transfer Files for Additional Analysis such as statistical studies using

Microsoft’s Excel software

The SportKat operates using a patented inflatable bladder support system and centrally pivoted

platform. Attached to the platform is a thermal accelerometer, which measures the user’s

displacement from center (balancing ability), producing a quantifiable measurement or balance

index score at the conclusion of a balance assessment or training session. This measurement

provides a basis on which the user can track improvements by completing increasingly difficult

levels of training.

Every version of the SportKat incorporates the Company’s superior technology as well as the

following standard features:

  • Sturdy Construction using a combination of injection molded glass polymers, plastic and steel
  • Inflatable Support Bladder capable of holding between 0 to 15 PSI of pressure, allowing for a

seemingly infinite range of difficulty levels for both testing and training

  • Easy Stability Adjustment using either a hand held or automated pump system to inflate

the support bladder

  • Centrally Pivoted Platform with up to 20 degrees of deflection in any direction

(360 degree range)

  • Optional Support Harness for increased safety