Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument Hwato SDZ-II

SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument (BMZ-1 Nerve and muscle Stimulator) is combined with modern microcomputer high-new technique, Traditional Chinese medicine Acupuncture and Jing-luo theory, and based on the traditional SDZ series of electronic acupuncture treatment instruments, put together the advantages of similar products, is a new type of electronic acupuncture treatment instrument, which has the functions of electronic acupuncture treatment and replacing man-made massage. The instrument is easy to carry and use, has good treatment effect, without pain and side-effect. It is usable in clinical such as medicine departments of internal, surgical, woman, children, skin, eye, bone-wound, etc. It is welcome in hospital as electronic acupuncture treatment instrument; meanwhile it is a new type of nature treatment and healthy product widely suitable in hospital and home.

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Detailed Description:

Approved by European CE & TUV PS ISO9002, EN46002 Quality System

Multi-pulse ware, strong audio-visual.

6 route output, auto-timing.

Be able to out-connect power, be suitable for many usages.

Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument


  • 6 pieces of output electrode wires

  • 6 pairs of self-adhesive electrode ( size: 50mm X 50mm )

  • 6 pairs of Filiform needle-electrode (Metal Clamps), ( size: < or = 28mm)

  • 1 English-Chinese User Manual

  • 1 certificate of product quality conformity

  • 1 foam box against shock.

  • 1 unit of 110V AC/DC Adapter

Manufacturer main features:

  • Replacement of Hand Massage

  • Acupuncture Therapy

  • Six Route Output

  • Multi-pulse Wave

  • Auto Timer

  • Common Disorder Prescription Illustrate

  • With Large Detail Diagram of Body Points

  • Battery or AC Adapter for Operation.


 Output Pulse Wave:: un-symmetry two-direction pulse wave

  1. Contain: CON.WAVE, INTM.WAVE, D.-D.WAVE

  2. Output Pulse Road: six-road output

  3. Output Pulse Frequency:

  4. WAVE: frequency adjustable in 1 –100Hz.

  5. WAVE: continuous-wave frequency adjustable in 1-100Hz, break-wave time is 5 seconds, continuous-wave time is 1/5 seconds.

  6. –D.WAVE: Spacing-wave frequency is 1/5 of density frequency

    1. Density-wave frequency adjustable in 100Hz.

    2. Spacing-wave time is 5 seconds; density-wave time is 10 seconds

  7. Output Pulse Frequency with permitted error being 15%

  8. Output Pulse Amplitude: 50V (Load 500 Q)

  9. Output Pulse Width: < or = 1ms

  10. Weight: 1.3Kg

  11. Out-connect power: Input:220V/5OHz or 110V/6OHz Output: DC9V/15OmA