Gait Analysis System Gait Rite Platinum

The Platinum GAIT Rite portable gait analysis system provides reliable measurements in real time. It’s simple to use and provides easy-to-interpret gait data within seconds of a patient test. The system will require connection to a suitable PC or laptop computer, which can be sourced by EMS Physio if necessary.

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Gait analysis system with sensor mat, connections, video camera, software and tutorial CD in a rigid protective case. Optional accessories include GAIT Video for visual recording and measurement of the test.

  • Roll-up walkway
  • Ideal for space saving
  • No complicated wires attached to the patient
  • Immediate pre-and post-treatment feedback
  • Visible and objective outcome measurements
  • Video link upgrade – see the measurements for yourself

Weight    =              22 kg

size         =              14 foot, 16 foot, 20 foot, 26 foot