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Airex Exercise Mats EMS

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Colonpro, Superstream and Flexstream are colon hydrotherapy systems that dedicate to cleanse colon, solve intestine problems, and remove toxic waste. Adopted by more than 10,000 families all over the world, Lifotronic colon hydrotherapy systems have improved thousands of people’s life quality. Innovative technology features Lifotronic products, distinguish them from similar products in the market.

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Comfortable and supporting

This also applies for people who are restricted in their freedom of movement due to accidents and diseases, etc. to regain their physical abilities; they must rely on the best support available.

AIREX® is the leading global brand for gymnastic, sport and therapeutic mats and balance products. AIREX® mats allow for safe and comfortable sitting, kneeling and lying down. In water they provide optimum support, assist motor function and give buoyancy during aquatic treatment.

Precise and hygienic

All AIREX® products conform to the requirements of the medical products guideline CE 93/42/EWG. Their antimicrobial finishing guarantees the highest degree of hygiene with the least amount of maintenance. With the new mat generation not even antibiotic-resistant and highly aggressive cMRSA bacteria stand a chance. The therapeutic quality of AIREX® products displays itself in precisely controllable movement sequences, safety and well-being.

Application areas

Fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Yoga & Pilates.Also for pregnancy gymnastics and in hydrotherapy. Check also our body ball range.



Dimensions                                                           1850 x 600-1000 x 15 mm

Size                                                                         1850 x 1000 x 15 mm red, 1850 x 000 x 15 mm blue, 1850 x 600 x 15 mm red, 1850 x 600 x 15 mm blue